Who We are

Through sound and prudent business management practices, backed by commitment to innovation, integration and provision of excellent products and services, GLICO Life built a strong financial base to cater for all aspects of risks. The Company then turned its attention to expanding its frontiers by establishing and sponsoring subsidiary companies to successfully operate in other sectors of insurance including, non-life and health insurance.

The strategic expansion and diversification extended to financial services, pensions and real estate with the incorporation of companies under the GLICO brand providing wide range of bespoke products and services to numerous customers across the country.

GLICO Group was thus incorporated as a parent company to continue with the growth and expansion of the GLICO brand. Over the years the Company has become one of Ghana’s leading companies of great repute, and remains a giant in the insurance, financial services and real estate industries. 

It is remarkable to know that all the subsidiary companies of GLICO Group are among the topmost companies in their respective industries.At GLICO, when we say “we cushion you for life”, you can rest assured that you would be cushioned in all of life’s endeavours.


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