Our Timeline


  • GLICO Life Insurance Company (GLICO Life), then known as Gemini Life Insurance Company, started operations as a specialist life insurance company and worked diligently to build trust and confidence in its policyholders by developing tailored life insurance products and providing delightful customer service.
  • The tagline “we cushion you for life” was birthed to indicate what GLICO stands for.


GLICO Life started broadcast of its timeless television Commercial (the falling man landing on the GLICO cushion) to the general public. This advertisement, the favourite of many Ghanaians, is synonymous with life insurance in Ghana and has made GLICO Life a household brand name in Ghana. 


GLICO Life was adjudged by Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) as “Insurance Company of the Year”.GLICO Life was adjudged by Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) as “Insurance Company of the Year”.


For the second time within two years, the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) conferred the prestigious “Insurance Company of the Year” on GLICO Life.


  • Liberty Investments Ltd, now GLICO Capital Ltd, was incorporated to provide financial services in Ghana in the areas of fund management, corporate finance and corporate advisory services.
  • GLICO LIFE partnered with Care International Ghana to become the first company to operate a micro-insurance scheme in Ghana. The Company began selling customized micro-insurance products to informal sector workers through successful partnership with rural and community banks.


GLICO Healthcare Company was formed and licensed to provide health insurance services after the enactment of the National Health Insurance Act, 2003 (Act 650)


  • GLICO GENERAL was incorporated and licensed under the then newly promulgated Insurance Act, 2006 (724), and started operations as a non-life insurance company providing tailored and highly responsive insurance solutions on the market.
  • GLICO LIFE received the first of many “Business & Financial Excellence Awards” for contributing towards the growth of the financial sector in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.


With the successful start of GLICO HEALTHCARE and GLICO GENERAL’s operations in 2004 and 2006 respectively and the sterling performance of GLICO LIFE, the parent company, GLICO Group Ltd., was incorporated to provide support for the two companies and other subsidiary companies that were to be incorporated.


GLICO Pensions Trustee Company was formed following the coming into force of the new National Pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766), with the objectives of providing third party administrative services, corporate trustee services and developing unique pensions products for both the formal and informal sectors.


GLICO LIFE became the highest ranked insurer in the life category of the insurance segment of the coveted Ghana Club 100 (GC100) ranking.


GLICO Pensions Trustee Company received its licence from the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).


  • GLICO GENERAL was adjudged by Ghana Club 100 (GC100) as the second highest-ranked insurer in the non-life category of the insurance industry.
  • Ernst & Young awarded the Executive Chairman of GLICO GROUP, Dr. Kwame Achampong-Kyei, “Entrepreneur of the Year.”


  • GLICO LIFE celebrated 25 years of excellence in the life insurance operation under the theme, “25 Years in Business: Our customers; our focus.”
  • Two new GLICO branches – East Legon and Wa offices – were opened to add on to the vast branch network of the company.
  • GLICO Pensions Trustee Company formally started operations to manage 2nd & 3rd tier pensions.


  • GLICO Group launched its customer-centric Websites.
  • GLICO Group was given Gold Category award as the “Best Insurance Company in the Development & Promotion of Tourism in Ghana” by the Ghana Tourism Authority.
  • GLICO LIFE was adjudged “World Best Life Insurance Company 2013, Ghana” by World Finance Ltd.
  • GLICO LIFE re-launched the reloaded “Life Savings & Life Guaranteed Plans” unto the Ghanaian market.
  • GLICO GENERAL received “Premier Brand” status by The Centre for Brand Analysis Ghana (TCBAG).
  • GLICO HEALTHCARE was adjudged “Gold winner” of the 2013 Health Legendary Awards by HAP Foundation, Ghana.


  • GLICO LIFE and GLICO GENERAL were rated “B” by Standards and Poors (S&P), a US based International Rating Company.
  • GLICO HEALTHCARE launched its 10th Anniversary Celebration under the theme, “10 Years of Pioneering Private Health Insurance in Ghana: Our Success; our stakeholders”.
  • GLICO Group officially opened its Airport Office for business to serve the needs of customers within the Airport, East Legon and surrounding areas.
  • GLICO Group was awarded a “Top Brand” by Premier Brand as the only insurance Company in Ghana to make it to the list of “Ghana’s 40 Most Valuable Brands”.


  • Mr. Kwame Achampong-Kyei, Founder & Executive Chairman of GLICO Group, was inducted into the “Entrepreneurs’ Hall of Fame” by Ernst & Young.
  • GLICO LIFE and GLICO GENERAL received Gold awards by the Ashanti Financial Excellence Awards for contributions towards the financial development of the Ashanti region.
  • GLICO HEALTHCARE was awarded as “The Private Healthcare of the Year” by the Legendary Healthcare Awards.
  • GLICO GENERAL launched its 10th Anniversary Celebration under the theme, “10 Years of Creating Value: Our stakeholders; our all”.
  • Mr. Kwame Achampong-Kyei, Founder & Executive Chairman of GLICO Group, was conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the London Graduate School in recognition of his extremely valuable achievements and contributions in leadership towards the workplace and the business environment.


  • GLICO Financial Services Ltd. was rebranded to GLICO CAPITAL to reposition itself as a much stronger player on the market specializing in wealth management for both institutional and individual clients.
  • GLICO PENSIONS became the number One Corporate Trustee for Tier 2 pensions management with a 20% market share in terms of the number of registered companies.
  • The Business Initiative Directives (BID) awarded GLICO HEALTHCARE with the International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and technology; Gold category.
  • GLICO HEALTHCARE entered the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre’s (GIPC) Ghana Club 100 rankings at number 41; being the first private health insurance company to attain that height.


  • The Executive Chairman of GLICO Group, Dr. Kwame Achampong-Kyei, was awarded for his “Outstanding contribution, in the field of insurance, to the economic development of Ghana”, as part of the Ghana @ 60 event celebrations by Top Brass.
  • GLICO HEALTHCARE was ranked number sixteen by the GIPC Ghana Club 100 Ranking table. It was also awarded for being the 3rd Fastest Growing Company and Leader in the Healthcare Insurance Sector.

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