Logo And Brand Value

The GLICO Logo and meaning

The GLICO brand inspires our identity and it is the most important building block of “who we are” as a company.

Our brand defines the way we see ourselves and the values we hold dear as an organization. The GLICO GROUP and all its constituent businesses are focused on the brand and derive all its decisions and processes from it.

Every individual working for or on behalf of GLICO is responsible for adhering to the brand guidelines and promoting the GLICO brand positively. The brand provides a framework for strategic decision-making and action.

The Logo

The GLICO logo is the key cornerstone of our brand identity, an expression of our personality, our tonality and our basic values.

It is made up of two parts: the three vertical bands which represents individuals and groups leaning on GLICO; symbolizes dependability, support and financial security.

The second part “GLICO” boldly written in block letters (Myriad font), symbolizes our financial might to undertake any form of risk. It also represents our boldness to break barriers and grounds to innovate products and services, and our dependability to cushion our clients for life over the past three decades and counting.



Red is the colour for blood and it symbolizes life and vitality. It brings focus to the essence of life and living. Red is the warmest of all colours, it is bright and commands a presence.


Blue is the colour of the skies and seas. It is directly linked to supporting life daily. We wake up every morning to blue skies reminding us of a new day in our lives and we are inspired with confidence.


Dark blue is the colour of truth and dependability.

By choosing red and blues as a Group, we aim to project to all that we are bold, confident and dependable to cushion against all of life’s vagaries. We also seek to tell our stakeholders that they should have confidence in us to support them in all areas of life.

All our constituent business derives their logo and colours from the GROUP’s logo and colours.


The unpredictability of life means that you need a solid partner to lean on in times of crisis, challenges and distress. Our tagline has also been the driving force of our success. The timeless television advertisement; the falling man who lands on the GLICO – is one that has couched trust among our clients.

At GLICO, we promise to support all throughout this journey of life. By so doing, everyone lives comfortably since all the needed products and services to mitigate and compensate for risk is provided for by GLICO. Hence our tagline: “we cushion you for life”.

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