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AT GLICO, we recognize that risk is an inevitable part of life. From domestic chores through motor driving to sudden deaths, one is always exposed to risk. With this knowledge, we help our clients plan for risk; our team of risk experts is constantly scanning the environment, listening to clients and researching into new ways of mitigating risk. We then use this knowledge to develop innovative solutions that cushion our clients for life.
Whatever the risk you are exposed to, you can be rest assured that GLICO has a solution and the protection you’re looking for.

We offer highly innovative life insurance products, which meet the needs and expectations of the Ghanaian insuring public.  Our high quality service delivery to our numerous policyholders, (more

We offer comprehensive health insurance scheme that provides cover for out-patient and in-patient care through a network of affiliated service providers. (more…)

We manage the financial assets of individuals and corporate organisations to provide them greater value. We work with the knowledge that success is only achieved through a shared vision with clients,

We offer a peaceful paradise in the city! Exquisitely designed and fully fitted with the finest materials, fixtures and fittings.  The DUFIE and GEMINI COURTS are ideal for executives on business

We provide the needed solutions for a stress-free, relaxed and peaceful retirement. We have the expertise and digital platforms to assist all our clients’ secure their 2nd and 3rd ‘tier’ Pension

General insurance or non-life insurance is a financial means by which policy holders protect investments from certain unforeseen events. It comprises insurance of property against fire, burglary (more