GLICO Triumphs in Friendly Football Match Against National Insurance Commission

GLICO Triumphs in Friendly Football Match Against National Insurance Commission

The spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship took center stage on Friday, 17th February, 2023, as GLICO Group and the National Insurance Commission (NIC) engaged in an exhilarating friendly football match at the St. Thomas Aquinas School park. The event brought together employees, management, and leadership from both organizations, fostering a unique bond beyond the realm of business.

In a display of remarkable teamwork and skill, GLICO emerged victorious with a convincing scoreline of 2-0 against their regulatory counterparts. The match, more than mere competition, symbolized the harmonious relationship between GLICO and the NIC, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence in both the insurance industry and the realm of sports.

The Group CEO of GLICO, Mr. Edward Forkuo Kyei, graced the event with his presence, underlining the significance of such interactions in building strong industry ties. His enthusiastic support for the team and his dedication to fostering collaboration was palpable throughout the match. On the NIC side, Commissioner Mr. Justice Ofori led the team with equal fervor, showcasing the regulator's commitment to nurturing healthy industry relationships.

The match drew a sizable crowd, including staff members from both GLICO and the NIC, who cheered on their respective teams with unwavering enthusiasm. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and friendly competition, as players showcased their prowess on the field, engaging in both lighthearted banter and strategic gameplay.

Entertainment off the field was equally captivating, as Langabel and his jamma group ensured that everyone was treated to a delightful musical performance. The vibrant melodies and energetic rhythms added to the festive atmosphere, making the event an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

The friendly match not only strengthened the bond between GLICO and the NIC but also highlighted the importance of work-life balance and the power of shared interests in fostering meaningful relationships. It served as a reminder that collaboration extends beyond boardroom discussions and can thrive in a setting as simple and universal as a football field.

As the final whistle blew, the real victory was the mutual respect, camaraderie, and strengthened partnership that emerged from this unique event. Both GLICO and the NIC have proven that healthy competition and cooperation can go hand in hand, setting a commendable example for the insurance industry as a whole.

The GLICO Group extends its gratitude to all those who participated and attended the event, reaffirming its commitment to excellence, teamwork, and building enduring relationships. Through initiatives like this, GLICO continues to transcend the conventional boundaries of business, fostering connections that are built to last.

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