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GLICO LIFE, the first insurance company to start micro insurance operations in Ghana, has organized a three-day intensive training program for all its Customer Service Executives nationwide.

The training was to empower them with some specific techniques to offer more inclusive and comprehensive customer service when interacting with policy holders. The training focused on technical solutions, product make up and modifications to existing products, to arm the Customer Service Executives with the requisite knowhow and information to provide effective solutions to customer service challenges they are confronted with day to day.

The three-day workshop brought together all front line officers in Micro Insurance operations to network, share experience and also provide valuable feedback and first hand field information to guide management strategic decision making.

Commenting on the training, Ms. Cynthia Ewusi, the Business Development Manager for GLICO Micro Insurance, said, “While a variety of elements go into creating a successful business, customer service is the most important foundation to excellent service and business profitability. If our customers are happy, they will come in for more services. Thus, at GLICO Micro Insurance, every interaction we have with our policy holder’s (or potential policyholders) affects our business’ bottom line and we work hard to get it right always”.
She further emphasized that, offering customer service training to our employees does not just add value for the customer; it also gives us strong competitive advantage.

Ms. Ewusi encouraged the Customer Service Executives to upbeat to the changes in customer expectations in today’s customer focused business world and address them conscientiously.

Some of the Customer Service Executives shared their experience that, they now have a heightened awareness and willingness to provide inclusive service to policyholders.

Micro insurance is a mechanism designed to protect low-income earners against risk – accident, illness, death in the family, natural disasters, among others – in exchange for insurance premium payments tailored to their needs, income and level of risk. It is aimed primarily at the informal sector that tends to be under-served by mainstream insurance schemes.

Currently GLICO Micro Insurance operates in 35 physical markets locations nationwide, where the low-income earners and micro targets operate their trade. With a vision to bring insurance to the doorstep of every Ghanaian, GLICO Micro Insurance is spreading its operations to other markets in Ghana to reach out to more informal sector workers.

In all, the training programme was successful and was focused on improving communication, listening, problem-solving and organizational skills.

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