Executive Chairman’s Message


Executive Chairman - GLICO Group

It is a great pleasure to warmly welcome you to the website of GLICO Group. We are a family of highly successful companies that cater to all your insurance, financial and other needs.

For the past thirty three years, GLICO has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in corporate Ghana. GLICO has now grown exponentially to become a group of companies presently made up of GLICO LifeGLICO GeneralGLICO HealthcareGLICO PensionsGLICO Capital, and GLICO Properties.

The growth and expansion of GLICO made it imperative for the restructuring of the companies to create opportunities for corporate value maximization and the enhancement of capital utilization efficiency. It is in line with this that GLICO Group was incorporated to play the important role of accelerating the growth and profitability of the subsidiary companies and also expand our business beyond the borders of Ghana.

GLICO Group, as the parent company, has been, over the years, playing a pivotal role of supporting the subsidiary companies to strive for excellence and proactively pursue strategic goals with a sense of urgency and total dedication to results for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Good corporate governance has been the hallmark of GLICO Group. Our company has adopted best corporate governance practices to ensure transparency, accountability and adherence to responsibilities by all stakeholders.

We are totally committed to delivering value to our customers in particular and the other stakeholders with the provision of one-stop-shop insurance and financial services delivery throughout the country.

Once again, I warmly welcome you to GLICO Group. Explore the unlimited opportunities we offer you.

Dr. Kwame Achampong-Kyei 
Executive Chairman, GLICO Group